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you bring your guitar and I'll bring my radio, radio

Radio #2 Graphics
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Hello and welcome to Radio #2 Graphics! Named after the song "Radio #2" by the Ataris.

The following is a list of the types of graphics I make:

*base icons
*icons with various effects (ex. scrolling text, animations, etc.)
*journal headers
*glitter names

Sorry, I canot make layouts because I suck at coding.

I will take requests, however. Check the "memories" for the suggestions post, but there's no guarantee I'll get around to making it. I'll mainly only take requests on the requestables I post, and I'll also uusually personalize things for you.

~A few simple rules~
--credit is a MUST. The least you can do is credit me for my work.
--comment whenever you take something.
--comment even if you don't take anything sometimes. I like feedback and I like to know that my work's appreciated.
--I'm the only person with posting access right now, so please dont ask for posting access! There's no reason for you to post here, I'm the only graphics maker right now.

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